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Motor Vehicle and Big Rig Accident Attorney in Georgia

Before becoming one of the most reputable personal injury attorneys in all of Georgia, Matt Anderson, our firm’s founder, was entrusted as the ‘closer’ for his college and professional baseball teams. The closer is the guy the manager trusts to come in to protect a lead, finish the job and make sure the team leaves with a victory. Matt Anderson has always flourished high leverage roles, whether it’s sitting down the heart of a batting order to preserve victory or it’s coming through in the clutch for his clients in the courtroom and getting them the money and results they deserve.

Specializing in Motor Vehicle and Trucking Accidents

Anderson Law specializes in motor vehicle accidents, trucking accident and unsafe premises injury cases. As evidenced by the fact Matt was the top overall pick of the 1997 Major League Baseball Draft, we understand the importance of relentlessly working hard and know that success is often determined when no one is watching. It’s why we we’re known for going above and beyond for our clients, working tirelessly to use the Georgia laws that protect them to their advantage.

In addition to taking on brand new cases, we are also often called in when a case seems to be spinning its wheels and clients are frustrated at a lack of progress and results. In those instances, we have had great success at finding the answers our clients seek and having money awarded in their favor.

As you would expect from a founder who played in the College World Series at Rice, on the 1995 World Champion USA National Team, and was drafted first overall by the Detroit Tigers, our entire team is hyper competitive and works determinedly to earn our reputation as the best motor vehicle accident law firm in all of Georgia.

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